Friday, April 9, 2010

The Dishpan Ride

Delila’s parents made good use of tubs. A small one was used for gathering woodchips as well as for dishes. The following incident is from Delila’s journal:

I remember the stacks of wood that had to be chopped and carried into the house to keep the stoves and kitchen range well supplied. We always gathered chips of wood for quick heat.

One time my niece, Louise Boice, and I returned from school. Mother said, “You girls hurry and gather the chips and I will stir up a cake and buttermilk biscuits for supper.”

We went to the porch and each took a large pan to gather the chips in. As we were looking we discovered a trail down the snow covered hill. We decided it would be fun to sit in the pan and slide down. My pan began to whirl and didn’t stop until I crashed into a quaking aspen tree. I wasn’t hurt but I was so dizzy and didn’t feel like eating supper. That was my first and last trip down a hill in a dishpan.

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