Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Buck up Little Buckaroo

Wyoming State Logo Bucking Bronco
I always really liked the brown and gold Wyoming License Plate with the dominate bucking horse silhoutte.  You can always tell what county a car is from in Wyoming because the associated county number was prominately displayed on the far left.  The Big Horn Basin County number is "9".  Mother took some pride in knowing all the counties and their associated numbers in the State. 

Did you ever wonder where the Logo originated?  Apparently it dates back to World War I when used by Wyoming troops.  It is supposedly based on a real horse and rider.   The horse, "Steamboat," competed in rodeos between 1901 and 1914 when he became infected with blood poisoning as a result of contact with a barbed wire fence during a thunderstorm.

One of my brother Rick's favorite comments when things are kinda tough is, "Buck up, little Buckaroo".  It seems to interject an element of courage into a situation.   A good quote to remember in challenging times.  Grandma would agree.

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