Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Pearls

Story told by Joy Marostica in "Till We Meet Again.

Calvin and Helen, my grandparent's youngest children, were our most frequent baby sitters, and I enjoyed being part of their many teen age activities.  To watch Calvin shoot baskets and Helen lead the cheers was so exciting!

One Christmas Calvin gave his sister a very special present - a necklace of imitation pearls.  On the night of the biggest basketball game of the season Helen put them on over her cheerleading sweater, so Calvin could see how pleased she was with his gift.

Calvin wanted the whole family to see him play in this important event.  I remember climbing to the balcony of the Lovell gymnasium with Grandma and Grandpa so we could have the best view.

The game turned out to be extremely exciting, but I couldn't keep my eyes off Aunt Helen, who was doing a spectacular job in her cheer leading.

Suddenly to my horror, little white balls were rolling from Helen's neck all over the basketball floor.  I'm sure no one else knew where they were coming from ... except Calvin.  The referee blew his whistle, and then to my relief fans, players, and referees were helping Calvin as they scrambled around picking up the elusive pearls.  My chagrin turned into amusement, and my cousins and I have never laughed so hard.

As I reflect upon the situation, now, I have great respect for Calvin, as he took charge.  Accepting the retrieved pearls, he walked unashamedly over to the red faced Helen.  With the eyes of the entire crowd upon them, he again gave her his "gift."  I'm sure rather than feeling embarrassed Grandma was very proud of his composure.

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